Mindful Mothers

Möchtest auch Du,

Dein volles Potential ausschöpfen,

um an Dein Ziel zu kommen?

Not sure what's right for you? The flood of information overwhelms you? You have the feeling that you have already tried so many things, but you have not made any progress or feel stuck? Then let us tackle it together!

How we work...


... no matter where you are, we at Mindful Mothers accompany and help you as a woman in the different phases of your life; on the way to pregnancy, becoming a mum, being a mum and in your womanhood. 

As mothers as well as experts in hypnosis, mindfulness and meditation, we help you to achieve your goals on a mental and physical level, to reduce your fears and concerns and to prepare you optimally for the next step in your life.

Through the work with us you achieve a deep trust in yourself, which in turn radiates and inspires all areas of your life.




Mindful Mothers - Programmes


Regain access to your own needs and walk your path to your desired child with newfound ease. Our heart topic is offered as group coaching as well as 1:1.  


Pre & postnatal

  Learn how to use hypnosis to calmly prepare for the birth of your baby and lay the foundation for a relaxed family life. Our programme is offered as group coaching with live sessions.

Female Balance

Find out how you, as a mum or wife, can successfully tackle your issues with simple steps, find your strength and lead a life in balance. We will focus on your individual needs and address them on a 1:1 basis.    

Hanna Ganzmann

Get to know us...

We invite you to an informal first online meeting. You tell us about your situation and get to know us better.

After that we take a closer look at your needs, what is important to you and whether we can help you. You learn more about our methodology and gain clarity what it will feel like working with us.


What Mums say about our online-coachings...



I was able to apply the different techniques during the birth, the weekly practice calls helped me a lot to internalise everything and have it ready to go.
I also find it important to understand why I do what I do, or how my body, hormones and brain work and react.


After two not so nice births, I wanted to change something. My fears about the birth got better from week to week, I used my 1-2-1 coaching to get rid of the fear altogether. The relaxation exercises have helped me in my stressful family life from the beginning and are a fixed part of my day.


It was such a pleasure to be on the course with you. Thank you so much for this special time and great support. It was also good to have the exchange with other pregnant women and new mothers in the community and to talk to like-minded people. I can only recommend the programme, birth preparation deluxe!


For me, the exercises were the very best. As I often lack discipline, I was happy to consolidate my routine with the calls and at the same time relax regularly during the pregnancy and postpartum. I continue to use a lot of the exercises and am so grateful for these incredible 6 months with Hanna and Sina. 


I didn't want a standard prenatal class and a friend recommended Mindful Mothers. As I work and travel a lot, I was happy that I could organise things flexibly. We all got on very well in the group and supported each other. Sina and Hanna always had an open ear and have an incredible knowledge and network.  


After several miscarriages, I was not as relaxed during pregnancy as I would have liked. That's why I chose the programme, to benefit from the personal support. I could ask my questions and concerns at any time and in my one-to-one sessions I was able to release a lot of 'pent-up' and felt very liberated. Thank you very much!

Next steps

If you are interested in our programme, please contact us! 

We look forward to hearing from you and will give you our full attention.