Mindful Mothers

We help women who want to have children to follow their individual path to becoming mothers with confidence and ease by working on a mental and physical level without bringing up the pain they have experienced so far. erlebten Schmerz immer wieder hochzuholen.  

Learn in this video how you can integrate more balance into your everyday life and thereby achieve a better feeling towards life without neglecting your own needs.  


"Just relax..."


... I'm sure you've heard this sentence many times. Even the advice of doctors, professionals or good friends can be difficult to follow when it comes to having children. Because once the issue becomes a problem, your world and your partner's world usually revolves around it. No matter where you are on the journey of wanting to have children, you may have had several miscarriages, never got pregnant or tried artificial insemination, or even given up hope because you don't have the energy and the pain is too much to go on. We are here to take a fresh look at this topic with you.

You may be asking yourself: "can this even work for me? Why exactly should your approach make a difference when everything else has failed?"

Wir können Dir natürlich kein Erfolgsversprechen geben. Jedoch können wir dir erzählen, wie sich das Leben unserer Kundinnen mit Kinderwunsch verändert hat. Viele von ihnen waren zu Beginn unserer Zusammenarbeit fix und fertig mit den Nerven. Der Stress stand ihnen ins Gesicht geschrieben, die Antriebskraft war auf dem Tiefstand und Selbstzweifel haben ihren Alltag dominiert.

This is exactly where we start, breaking this negative spiral so that our clients can find their own strength again, regain confidence in their own bodies and regain their freedom.  



Do you want to turn your dream of having a child into a dream child?


You want to, but you don't see a solution to your problem? Because you have repeatedly experienced the disappointing result of an unsuccessful pregnancy or one that does not come about.

You may be asking yourself questions like - how:

  • You have to deal with all the stress and negative feelings and insecurities inside you.
  • You can stay relaxed even though the situation is freaking you out.
  • You can still go on at all when it everything looks pretty hopeless
  • Can you get rid of your mental and emotional load
  • You and your partner should get through all this

We know and understand this issue and the feeling of being caught in a hamster wheel, which is cycle-controlled. However, we also know the other side of the coin and have therefore put together an individual programme to tackle the issue of wanting a child on a mental and physical level. Our approach requires a certain commitment on your part and ideally also integrates your partner.


How we can help you with our


With our personal online coaching programme, we accompany you and tailor our experience to you individually, so that you can achieve the fastest and greatest possible success.



 In the Mindset Module everything revolves around you and your mindset. We work together on a 1-2-1 basis, let go of old and blocking things and create space for an optimal and positive mindset so that you can find your way. Your subconscious will support you.


As the name of the module suggests, we will look at this topic with your partner and see how you can reach your goal together. This is about you working together and being able to support each other.


In this module we introduce you to scientifically proven and well-founded techniques such as hypnosis, mindfulness, meditation and cognitive behavioural therapy. You will learn how the different techniques work and how to work with them.


Together we plan your next steps and how we can accompany you on your way. The focus is entirely on you and your ideas. We give you exercises and strategies so that you can implement them for yourself and your future.



It is very important that you find a way to be in balance. Life often throws a lot of things at you and here you will learn to stay in balance or to find your way back to it again and again. Because the programme is meant to be lasting.



This module contains many extras for you, which shall support you on your way. Including exercises for you at the beginning of pregnancy and how we can support you, as well as many other extras that will strengthen you on your way.


What mums say about our online coaching...


Many thanks for your feedback!

We have enjoyed working with each and every one of you. It is always an emotional journey for us to accompany you through such a wonderful phase of life. We wish you and your families all the very best.


When we started IVF, I didn't want to leave any stone unturned and opted for the individual coaching with Sina & Hanna. I partly felt like a new person after the hypnoses and grew closer with my partner. Thank you very much for all your great work.


I had actually already given up on the topic of wanting children when Mindful Mothers was recommended to me. I saw it as my last chance and am so grateful for their great support. The sessions were so valuable for me each time and I always felt much better afterwards. A true life changer!!!



Dear Hanna und Sina

A big thank you for all you have done!

It's just amazing what you two have done for me and the changes you can bring about with your hypnosis and exercises. 

Next steps

If you are interested in our programme, please contact us!  

In a free introductory meeting, we take a closer look at your needs, what is important to you and whether we can help you. You will learn more about our methodology and gain clarity about a possible cooperation.

We look forward to hearing from you and will give you our full attention.