Mindful Mothers

Wir helfen werdenden Müttern ihre Bedenken, Ängste und Unsicherheiten rund um die Schwangerschaft, Geburt und Wochenbett abzubauen, ohne die eigenen Bedürfnisse aus den Augen zu verlieren.

Lerne in diesem Video, wie Du als werdende Mama

find your individual way

to your ideal birth and to being a mum

without being dominated by worries, fears and anxieties

without neglecting your own needs. 

Intuitively know what's right for you and your baby....


... is sometimes difficult in this special phase of your life.

With the beginning of pregnancy or with the desire to become pregnant, a lot of information is coming at you, all of which is justified, but which can also lead to a certain amount of overwhelm and helplessness. There is a lot of information about what exactly happens in your body during pregnancy and birth and there are many valuable tools, books and courses on how to prepare yourself physically for pregnancy, birth and the time after.

But despite comprehensive preparation, you are often left with the question: "What is exactly right for me and my baby? There is no patent remedy for this question that works the same for every woman and her child. Your intuition plays a very important role here. It is often difficult to get access to this, because in this day and age we are very often on the move with our head and have forgotten the connection to our gut feeling.

You want to prepare yourself calmly and relaxed for your pregnancy, birth and time as a mum?


Every pregnancy and birth is a kind of transformation for you as a woman and mum and many things change during this time. At the latest after the birth of your baby, a new life awaits you and many things that were previously right for you no longer fit properly and need to be adjusted. This requires strength and a good portion of endurance. Often, a certain uncertainty sets in during pregnancy and you are sometimes at a loss as to how you can best prepare yourself for your new life. 


You may be asking yourself questions like - how: 

  • do you learn how to deal with fears, uncomfortable feelings and insecurities during pregnancy.
  • can you relax and prepare for your birth
  • Can you stay focused on yourself and your baby during the birth.
  • Can you prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for the time with your baby
  • Can you ,as a mum, regularly recharge your batteries without spending a lot of time and can always come back to rest

We also went through this process of change and asked ourselves exactly these questions during our pregnancies and the time afterwards. As a result, we have created a kind of toolbox of different tools and approaches that we would like to make available to you. It is important to us that you find your own individual way to experience this special phase in your life and to trust in your own strength.

How we can help you with our


Mit unserem persönlichen Online-Coaching Programm begleiten wir Dich dabei, Deine Schwangerschaft entspannt und bewusst zu erleben, Dich gelassen auf Deine Geburt vorzubereiten und dadurch dann ein ausgeglichenes Wochenbett mit Deinem Baby zu genießen.



We explain the processes that change in your body and brain during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period and go into topics such as the effect of hormones, the strength of your pelvic floor and the different phases of birth. You will learn how the processes in your body affect your feelings of pain and stress as well as your body awareness. Everything is scientifically proven and tested by us.


In this module we introduce you to scientifically proven and well-founded techniques such as mindfulness, meditation, cognitive behavioural therapy and hypnosis. You will learn how the different techniques work and we will show you how and when to use them correctly. In weekly calls that last throughout the programme, we regularly practice the techniques together so that they can become properly anchored. 


This module is about helping people to help themselves. It is all about birth. We show you and practise body techniques such as massage, breathing and mental exercises that you can use before and during birth. We look at the role of your birth partner and give you practical tips and tricks for your individual birth experience, including a "first aid kit" for the birth. 

Your bonus...

We all know that exercise is important during your pregnancy, which is why you will receive an additional 6 yoga sessions tohelp you get through your pregnancy Schwangerschaft in shape and to focus on your postpartum recovery. Your yoga bonus will be led by our lovely Anita, yoga expert in the field of pregnancy/retrogression yoga.

On top of that, you will receive exercises for your time in the postpartum period that promote self-healing, egenerate you quickly and efficiently in case of sleep deprivation and accompany you relaxed through this often demanding time. We want you and your baby to have a balanced and beautiful start into your future together.


What mums say about our online coaching...


Many thanks for your feedback!

We have enjoyed working with each and every one of you. It is always an emotional journey for us to accompany you through such a wonderful phase of life. We wish you and your families all the very best.


I was able to apply the different techniques during the birth, the weekly practice calls helped me a lot to internalise everything and have it ready to go.
I also find it important to understand why I do what I do, or how my body, hormones and brain work and react.


After two not so nice births, I wanted to change something. My fears about the birth got better from week to week, I used my 1-2-1 coaching to get rid of the fear altogether. The relaxation exercises have helped me in my stressful family life from the beginning and are a fixed part of my day.


It was such a pleasure to be on the course with you. Thank you so much for this special time and great support. It was also good to have the exchange with other pregnant women and new mothers in the community and to talk to like-minded people. I can only recommend the programme, birth preparation deluxe!


For me, the exercises were the very best. As I often lack discipline, I was happy to consolidate my routine with the calls and at the same time relax regularly during the pregnancy and postpartum. I continue to use a lot of the exercises and am so grateful for these incredible 6 months with Hanna and Sina. 


I didn't want a standard prenatal class and a friend recommended Mindful Mothers. As I work and travel a lot, I was happy that I could organise things flexibly. We all got on very well in the group and supported each other. Sina and Hanna always had an open ear and have an incredible knowledge and network.  


After several miscarriages, I was not as relaxed during pregnancy as I would have liked. That's why I chose the programme, to benefit from the personal support. I could ask my questions and concerns at any time and in my one-to-one sessions I was able to release a lot of 'pent-up' and felt very liberated. Thank you very much!

Next steps

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In a free 20-minute call, we will be happy to answer your questions and look together at how our programme can support you in your pregnancy.

We look forward to hearing from you and will give you our full attention.